As you may know the foundation budget from the state is the main source of funding for public schools.  A commission was formed to review the foundation budget to make sure it still meets the needs of education.  It was found that the foundation budget grossly underfunded our schools. New Bedford Public Schools is underfunded by over 40 million dollars a year.  MTA is supporting legislation that will change the foundation budget calculation to correct the underfunding. 
The Fund our Future campaign is to educate and get support for communities to ask the state house to pass the same legislation already passed by the state senate to correct the foundation budget.
There will be a community forum held on  Jan 8, 6-8pm at Keith Middle School auditorium  (225 Hathaway Blvd, New Bedford) – it’s directly across the street from New Bedford HS)
The panel will include:
1. Rebecca Cusik, President Fall River Ed Assoc
2. Supt Cabral, Taunton
3. Supt Shaver-Hood, Wareham
4. Supt Sawyer, Attleboro
6. Mayor Mitchell, New Bedford
7. Supt Malone, Fall River
We would like to have as many teachers and community members attend as possible.

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