I would like to offer my condolences to Cathy Oliveira’s family, extended family, friends, and colleagues. She was a strong advocate for children and there were times she felt defeated. Cathy never gave in and continued her fight for kids first and then those internal issues that she was being dealt. She will always hold a special place in my heart as I hold her friendship in high regards! Please reach out to the EAP program if anyone finds difficulty with this situation! 
R.I.P. Cathy
Chris Cotter

9 thoughts on “A message from Chris Cotter

  1. I am so happy that you know how hard teaching has become today. I feel that I am not really teaching but just preparing these children for a test. What ever happened to the multiple intelligence theory? Please keep supporting us because you are the only person on the SC who actually GETS it and has the courage to stand up to the bullies! Thank you!


  2. Chris, can we begin the search now for a Durkin replacement? Why wait any longer? Lets get the ball rolling ASAP. The quicker a replacement is announced, meaning before the end of the school year, the better retention the district will have going forward. Someone who can address the teacher body before summer vacation. Get someone who is genuinely likable, eager and able to embrace the NB culture, and ready to empower teachers with natural energy, not a teacher's appraisal form.


  3. I think she announced her departure early to try and curb the premature retirement numbers in her final year here. Some may rethink retirement this SY now that she won't be here in 2018-2019.


  4. I'm still retiring even though Durkin is going. I am exhausted and no longer want to teach. She accomplished what she set out to do, I dislike teaching now.


  5. How about placing teachers on the Superintendent Search Committee from the High School, Middle School, and Elementary Schools who have shown the highest levels of SGP student growth over time. The reasoning behind adding these teachers to the committee is to test and quiz a potential new hire on pedagogy, pedagogy that works. One of the issues with the current Superintendent is that she is inexperience on how to run a classroom, along with many Principals, but yet each is highly critical teachers, especially those that show good to excellent results. This type of criticism erodes peer to peer camaraderie and becomes a huge problem with retention. The district needs a Superintendent that truly listens to the teachers, not just Principals. As has been shown over the past four years, adversarial relationships don't work.


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