Randolph educator Thomas Anderson is city’s school superintendent pick

12 thoughts on “Randolph educator Thomas Anderson is city’s school superintendent pick

  1. I wish Mr. Anderson well. Anyone will be better than Durkin! Let's hope for positive change and accountability with administrators and parents. Something has to change, teachers need support! The behaviors are out of control!


  2. I hope for the possibility of a positive relationship between the new superintendent and the teachers. Will there be any action taken on the very uneven enrollment numbers in the Middle Schools? Normandin has 1,254 studentsKeith has 892 studentsRoosevelt has 805These numbers are right from the DESE website.


  3. The uneven enrollments at the middle schools is a direct result of the School Committee's lack of political will. Redistricting is needed and the Winslow School should feed into Roosevelt. However, the elitist Winslow parents don't want their children attending school in the “Hood.”


  4. Normandin is bursting at the seams. Too many kids. Not enough teachers. Its out of control. Kids aren't learning and teachers are working hard to maintain a sense of order.


  5. I heard the police officer at Normandin was assaulted by a student today. What the heck is going on there? Too crowded and too much bad behavior that is allowed to happen. Maybe the standard times could investigate.


  6. I bet the school department is too embarrassed to contact the newspaper. Maybe the police should. I mean the community should know what the officers in the schools deal with. Or maybe the teachers union should because this is the environment that the teachers have to live with everyday.


  7. Cop attacked and threatened by a student at Normandin. This should be investigated. With over 1,250 students, shouldn't Normandin have at least 2 cops and maybe a security guard?


  8. The parents should be held accountable for their child's violent behavior! The kid that attacked a police officer should be charged! This shouldn't be brushed aside as it ALWAYS is under Durkin's regime ! Shame on the Substandard times for not reporting this assault!


  9. Bad behavior at the middle school level should not be a revelation to anyone who has been following education in the district. Problem resolutions has been non-existent for years. Whether reducing the number of students at Normandin or establishing disciplinary actions that work, complaints and actual results have worsen. Lets hope the incoming superintendent can implement programs that work.


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