Diabetes is a serious disease that can cause health problems, including stroke blindness, and kidney failure. You could be at risk if you’re overweight, get little exercise, have a close relative with diabetes, or are over age 45. The GOOD NEWS is that it’s preventable by making lifestyle changes, such as eating healthy, being active, and quitting tobacco.
To help you prevent diabetes, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has partnered with the YMCA Southcoast to offer their Diabetes Prevention Program AT NO COST to 45 eligible New Bedford municipal employees and their families.
12 participants from varying school segments, including schools, DPW & DPI have already taken advantage of this opportunity, and are making strides toward improved health. This means there are still 33 remaining scholarships available to City of New Bedford Employees or Spouses covered by BCBSMA.

Program participants also receive a 12 month membership at the YMCA while participating. This program is usually $429, regardless of membership status, and through this collaboration, you may be able to attend for FREE! To see if you qualify, contact the YMCA Southcoast at (508)996-9622 ext. 141 or send an email toymcadpp@ymcasouthcoast.org

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