From: Ron R. Cabral
To: RRCRT <>
Sent: Thu, Jan 25, 2018 9:33 pm

Subject: Richard Nelson

This E-mail is for our City Councilors, regarding an editorial, “Your View”  by Nelson Strebor on Sunday, January 21, 2018, in the Standard-Times “City Council needs to represent property taxpayers” I felt that Nelson Strebor was a fictitious name, incidentally, the so-called Nelson Strebor has posted many editorials in the Standard-Times. 

As such, I did contact the Standard-Times informed them that I felt that Nelson Strebor was a fictitious name, I was asked why I felt that it was a fictitious name my answer was being a Police Officer for 38 years it was my gut feeling. In my little investigation, there was no Nelson Strebor owning property in New Bedford, or any Nelson Strebor living in New Bedford as he claimed or in the state of MA that I could find.

Today I was contacted by the Standard-Times informing me that they investigated a little further and found that my tip was correct, they thanked me. The individual, Nelson Strebor admitted to them to using a pen name there will be something in Saturday’s paper (unless the day changes), plus no more posting’s by Nelson Strebor.

I did not appreciate the fictitious Nelson Strebor’s remarks that the councilors responsibility is to the taxpayers, well I am a Retired Police Officer and also a taxpayer in our City, I also did not appreciate his remarks of Councilor Hugh Dunn’s theatrical performance and Councilor Dunn being more concerned with the city employees, which represents votes.

The fictitious Nelson Strebor may not have the respect for Councilors Ian Abreu, Naomi Carney, Hugh Dunn, Brian Gomes, Dana Rebeiro, Joseph Lopes and Maria Giesta and that they should get on board with Councilors Debora Coelho, Scott Lima, Brad Markey, and Linda Morad, well I and many other New Bedford retirees do have the respect for them.

I do have the respect for Councilors Debora Gomes, Scott Lima, Brad Markey, and Linda Morad as well they feel that they have the responsibility to the taxpayers of our fine City, I am sure all Councilors feel they have the same responsibility, but lets not forget that so many New Bedford Retirees and active City Workers are also taxpayers in our city as well as their families and friends.

Let us not forget our little friend the fictitious Nelson Strebor, Carol Strupczewski and I were talking this afternoon, and Carol said spell Strebor backwoods, I said I knew what she meant, she was correct and I agreed with her who Nelson Strebor could be.

In Nelson Strebor’s editorial, he mentioned there’s an old saying “liars can figure and figures can lie” there is another old saying O, What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive.

Ron R. Cabral

CC:   Mayor Jon F. Mitchell
         City Council Members
         Retired NBPD Officers
         Carol Strupcewski
         Jeff Camara, Retired NBFD
         Hank Turgeon, NBPD
         Vic Mendes, NBPD

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