5 thoughts on “City, Voc-Tech schools show MCAS growth, but rankings stagnant

  1. Sounds like Durkin is making excuses. She would never accept an excuse from me, but I guess she holds herself to a different standard.


  2. If these MCAS results came from any other superintendent, Durkin and the school committee would be howling to the moon, chanting for his or her head. It would be their mantra for replacement, and a rebel-yell for her ascension to the position. But since the school committee has snuggled under the covers with her, it really hasn't mattered whether results to which other superintendents have been measured up against; those rules don't apply to her and her staff. It may be that the only person understanding this circumstance is Mr. Cotter, and he was shut down pronto. The Standard Times continues to tow-the-line as they have done since the beginning, and is confirmed with their editorial piece in today's paper. Think about the gaffes; these are too numerous to count. Personnel placements that couldn't miss, unceremoniously missed; the teacher exodus at the beginning of her tenure, and the continued loss of teachers to other districts that is occurring to this day, just to name a few. If your plan is to consider DeFalco for the next superintendent, which I think is ridiculous, give him the job now and see what he can do. Demote Durkin to second or third in command, or place her at Parker as a special education teacher. If his policies and job approval ratings continue along the same flatline, and do not change from that of Durkin, you know you'll get the same results year-over-year, and it is time to move on. Come on school committee, lets be a little proactive in our thinking.


  3. Mayor leads the School Committee. The buck stops with him. His legacy is the tale of the Ivy League suburban kid misdiagnosing the educational struggles of our city and permitting carpetbaggers to force out lifelong educators.


  4. There is a rumor the principal of Parker is no longer. Will she be the only one? Durkin knows the MCAS results stunk, something the ST and the rest of the SC refuses to acknowledge. Could MCAS results underlay the reason for the action? Wouldn't it be interesting to understand why? Wonder if she will be offered a job at PRAB much like the ex-principal af Keith. Is this an appropriate use of salary? Does her salary equate to her responsibilities? Bottom line is just another placement failure and failure to create stability in a district that is screaming for it. Come on SC, time to speak up.


  5. Is anyone on the school committee keeping track of the teachers leaving the district, especially A.J.Parker and Keith? What is the district doing to create stability in our schools? Enough about how well the district is doing. Please hide the kool-aid, and drink a cup of reality.


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