Keith teachers express frustration at New Bedford School Committee meeting

7 thoughts on “Keith teachers express frustration at New Bedford School Committee meeting

  1. i would certainly hope that at the conclusion of this school committee meeting that mayor mitchell finally grew a set and realized that pia and the administration is out of control. how can any “manager” let this continue. these are members of his community tormented enough to step down from careers they bet is he made a deal with the devil and the teachers are paying for it.good to see josh finally get a clue.


  2. For the life of me, I cannot believe the subject of lack of retention in the New Bedford Public Schools has become a revelation. Denial, ignorance, call it what you want, this has been a streaming video that has been played out since Durkin and her surrogates took over. If someone did the research and documented the amount of fabulous teachers that have either left or retired because of school or district administrators, the numbers would be staggering. It would be very easy to get the research if documents existed from an exit interview, but guess what, neither an exit interview or exit document exist or take place. How about that for professionalism? But it all makes sense because there is no paper trail and that could be just the way Durkin likes it. All we know are that teachers come and go. Although administrators create a gauntlet for teacher portfolios and evals, the actual process of retaining teachers is zitch. Seems administration could care less how proficient they are.There are various reasons why teachers leave New Bedford and I would have to believe the biggest reason is lack of support from school administrators and the nonsensical foolishness that come from PRAB. As we say in New Bedford, the fish rots from the head.


  3. What is going on at the high school? Does anybody know what's in store for us next year? What are these academies that are being referred to on Facebook? It would have been nice to be informed before we read about it elsewhere.


  4. What good is all the “cost savings” when the absolute draining of master teachers has impoverished our classrooms? Why are we allowing carpetbaggers to decimate our local educators at such an alarming rate? Disconnected people just looking for a salary have little over NB educators that have often been the first to attain a degree in their family and can inspire our youth rather than come here believing they are saviors. The hidden costs of tossing out our “hidden figures” is TOO DAMN HIGH!


  5. If Bailey is leaving Keith, for whatever reason, it is just another person that Durkin has put in place which proved not to be a good fit. Taking an elementary principal and placing her into an environment like Keith profoundly shows how “out of touch” Durkin is to the needs of that particular school. I believe that similar placements have occurred over the years. I think it is important for someone to reflect on the accomplishments of Durkin during her tenure. Personally, I don't see much that warrants her salary or pedestal-holding by the Mayor or School Committee. Teacher retention is poor and New Bedford lags in MCAS scoring year over year (especially at the middle school level) just to name at few. Exceptional teachers have vaulted from this district, whether seeking employment in another district that appreciates their talents or through early retirement, to which I don't understand why the mayor and the school committee fail to see this. The teachers who made presentations to the school committee were spot on, really. Kate BW has been one of the most ardent supporters of children in the district for as long as I have known her. If Durkin, the Mayor, and school committee do not heed what she is saying, then pigs do fly. Sue S gave all in attendance a vivid snapshot of what does occur qt Keith and more than likely, other schools, whether you believe it or not. Through her years in the district she has seen much, and has shared her views of what the majority of teacher's witness and live every day. Once Durkin's tenure is over I implore that the Mayor, school committee, and teachers refrain from doing the easy thing, and that is putting the current assistant superintendent in her position. If you do, place him in the top spot, my prediction is failure, no matter how it's sugar-coated. Is there any reason not to believe this will not be the outcome?


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