Your View: The Hannigan name belongs on new South End school

6 thoughts on “Your View: The Hannigan name belongs on new South End school

  1. Mr. Cotteri agree 100% with your article. unfortunately the Mayor continues to have no clue on how to communicate with the blue collar population of New Bedford. as an educator i need to keep my head down as the needs improvements and pink slips are rolling out again-happy spring. 4 teachers have left my school mid year due to the hostile treatment of our administration. the discipline issues are still there and when you try to approach our principal, she puts her hand out and says – not now and keeps walking away from the problem and then we get a letter in the school committee members have a requirement that they visit the schools and talk to teachers , if so why do we never see any of them?


  2. There is no requirement for School Committee members to visit schools. What we have been told, is that if we would like to visit a school it must go through the superintendence office first. Then a member of her administrative team would meet with us in order for us to visit. Obviously, this would not provide a safe and private opportunity for myself to speak freely with a teacher. It is all driven to keep us out of the school and to hinder any communication with staff.


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