4 thoughts on “Durkin: ‘Shame’ on city for outdated science curriculum

  1. Was this an epiphany or what? Middle school science teachers have been on the record for years stating that they have zero material to base a decent science curriculum. Can you imagine what resources they have when a school's copying machines are broken, which they are often. Has the super not been getting the message? I think not. What about all those students that have passed through middle schools during her reign. Is an apology good enough? I think not! Total negligence. What a surprise.


  2. This happened on her watch, I love how she deflects the blame. The lack of resources is her fault…period! What is wrong with her? I really think she has issues!


  3. I agree! We should start a Countdown club for the days she has left to ruin our district even more! I can't wait to get a smart, compassionate TEACHER as our super again. She has many issues and kindness, empathy and intelligence are not among them. We also need a new mayor and a new SC that possess an Pair!


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