5 thoughts on “New Bedford teachers’ union: ‘Innovation zone’ not necessary

  1. Many years ago the Middle School concept was instituted at our junior high schools and was seen as a saving grace for our students. The concept of preparing students for high school was removed for touchy feely ideals. Now we will “discuss” an Innovation concept. Can't wait. By the way how is it working at Normandin. If extended day is all about clubs and play then why do we need it?


  2. Time to shuffle the blame for the middle schools to another entity. Pia and Deflaco have failed so it's time to separate from the failure. What is the chance the high school will be next? They'll keep the elementary grades because these two believe there is growth in the lower grades. All the money to those two folks and then lighten their burden. Will their salaries be reduced? Think not!


  3. We need an alternative school at the elementary level. Now! A lot of the behaviors at the elementary level are violent and extremely disruptive! My child comes home every day upset because 4 or 5 boys in her class yell and scream at the teacher, run around the room blaring profanities! What is done…nothing! Durkin's polices are a complete failure! She is a huge failure and needs to go!


  4. I wonder how often members of the SC visit classrooms. My guess is very little or never. Can any member of the SC dispute this? Please let us know. If committee members were to visit classrooms they would see what we all know to be true; a district in chaos. Durkin and Deflaco are totally out of their league. You're only half right, they both gotta go. When are teachers going to unite, because you might as well; she will not be renewing plenty of you at the end of the year. You'll wait all summer up until a week of the new school year to find you're been dumped for another newbie. This year's newbies will be shown the door with nothing to show except countless hours of dedication down the toilet.


  5. Innovative middle school=shell game. This will help cover her for a couple of more years if the scores are not in her favor. Her statement will be “we really can't assess the data at the middle schools until we evaluate whether the Innovative approach is working as planned”.


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