7 thoughts on “New Bedford schools react to allegations of ‘toxic’ environment

  1. Toxic is not a true representation of what is happening in NB. Great teachers have been forced out. Administration that has little or no clue. It's a sad sad day. It begins with us. We need to take back control of our schools. We need to vote in great people, people who will support our kids and our schools. If we can vote for no confidence in our superintendent, why can we not do the same for our school committee? These are the people we should be holding accountable.


  2. Undermine the committee and admin all you want. That's just fuel for the charter fire. No contracts to complain about then. If you don't see that then you will when you have to apply to one of those adjunct charter school jobs and take a few shifts at Cumbies to make up the hours


  3. This administration has not had one thing undermined. Not one. The SC has granted every request. This is their mess to clean. What in the world are you talking about?


  4. Toxic Environment? Let's talk about a fire in NBHS with students and teachers required to be in the smoke filled building. Call to the Board of Health and was told they do not determine air quality. Yet a few years ago with senior prank we had to close the building due to fire extinguishers being used in the building by the vandals due to poor air quality. Lack of leadership, lack of concern for the health and welfare of the kids and staff.


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