7 thoughts on “New Bedford schools see successes and failures in new test results

  1. So if you ask me, tenth grade MCAS results over the past three years have been going down as compared to the 2011 results. Math scores have suffered the most with an 11 percent decline in Advance/Proficient category, and a 9 percent increase in Needs Improvement/Warnings or Failure category. ELA continue to meander along since 2012, while the Warning/failure bucket fills up more. This year's news should attract more than concern.


  2. The PARCC scores for the middle schools are woeful. By purging staff of the three schools how could anything else be predicted. “Hope” was the strategy and it did not work. How was it sold to the SC? Unfortunately it will continue to decline. A pessimist, no , just a realist. Student behavior news coming out of the facilities is scary. Beyond belief if you are not a teacher. What happens when a bull enters a china shop? The answer is everything gets broken. Any gains at the elementary level will disappear at the middle school level, for sure. What is Durkin's plan to ensure that it doesn't happen. Can someone enlighten me? This question should be asked, and covered by the ST so the public can measure the response to the reality.


  3. The behaviors at elementary are horrendous! There are no consequences and the disruptive students are returned to the classrooms. The teachers cannot teach and the students cannot learn! It's no wonder that NB schools are now such a joke! Experienced teachers are leaving this district in huge numbers. The newbies that come into this district on an average don't stay more than a few years. The behaviors that are allowed under Durkin's watch is a major reason for the district's failures. I feel badly for the students who actually come to school to learn! It all starts at home!


  4. This lady needs to go. She has alienated all teachers. They can't wait to retire or go to another school district where they are welcome with open arms. Less money as compare with quality of life. Ask any teacher that has left if they have made the right decision. One of Durkin's pledges was to get out into the communities and talk to the parents. How's that pledge going? The good thing is in less than three years she'll be gone, or her contract will not be extended, and then and only then will behaviors change.


  5. Teachers should just refuse to have behavior problems come back to their classrooms..Let the principal s deal with that ..their the ones making the big bucks….. Then the students can go on line with them..


  6. Well, Durkin was in Attleboro, Boston and they got rid of her. The SC hired her, and renewed her contract. I truly believe that they are afraid of her because she is such a bully! But the SC are suppose to be men, not little boys. Even the mayor is afraid of her. Put her back on her broom and send her flying! We are sick of the stress and the abuse! Let's take our schools back and let the teachers teach! Reinstate discipline!


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