7 thoughts on “District Exploring ‘Innovation Zone’ For NB Middle Schools

  1. What does any of this actually mean? Perhaps a follow-up story on other communities that have experimented with innovation schools?


  2. A lot to be determined… will be interested to see what the teachers at these three schools think… seems to have done good things in Denver with this group.


  3. Did anyone read the article in the ST about “Bold Ideas?” The district, including the Supt and all the players need to stop the insanity. Another consultant? Really! Oh, they're “non profit.” Really! Isn't RBT getting it done?” Aren't the TLS getting it done? Isn't the wraparound manager getting it done? How about the academic officer, is he getting it done? How about the community relation people? Are they getting it done? How about all the new principals, assistant principals, and new teachers? Aren't they getting it done? How about the grant writer? We sure need one of those. Three years of this regime of throwing against a wall and what have you got? A pile of insanity; that is what you got! So many great educators have left or retired from the district because of this supt's hubris. Really great teachers. Losing them has had a “huge” negative effect on the district. With adm, supt, SC, and mayor not standing up to and calling out students and parents that need to be called out; the insanity will continue forever. All the above can only do their best, as it all comes down to students and their parents and their upbringing and the enforcement of education as a priority. “Teachers 21” is just another colossal waste of money! Just throwing another ball of insanity against the wall. Thank god we have a large wall and an able grant writer!


  4. I was at school committee meeting on Monday and I heard them clearly say this imitative will need the approval of the teachers at each individual school. I also heard Josh Amaral and Lou say the same thing on the radio yesterday.


  5. Most teachers are lambs. Can't get enough to go to a union meeting about salary, but yet they're complain about the outcome. Heck, they won't write to this blog out of fear, or they just don't care about the issues. You tell me? There are so many newbies that they will do whatever the administration wants them to do for fear of retaliation. The newbies are the majority now, just as the Super wanted it. Josh has yet to earn my respect with anything he says given his track record.


  6. I hear Voke picked up Heather Larkin! Good for them. They know when P-Diddy gets rid of someone, it's because Diddy is a bully and egomaniac. Other districts know how hard the NB teachers work. So Diddy is filling NB with newbies to make sure she receives her massive, undeserved pay.


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