Hope to see you at our next ‘Opt-Out/Refusal’ of the PARCC and MCAS community dialogue. Please bring 5 people interested in learning more about opting out of the state tests. We also welcome high school youths. 

8 thoughts on “‘Opt-Out/Refusal’ of the PARCC and MCAS: Community Dialogue

  1. perfect. let the ignorant parents of this community force their kids to opt out and get all the teachers in trouble. unbelievable. and “our friends” on the school committee are helping these ignorant idiots out… what a shame


  2. I would not classify these parents as ignorant in any way at all. Children/parents refusal of the high stakes testing can in no way hold any teacher responsible. For you, who refers to these parents as “Idiots” this group is well informed and have done their homework on this matter at hand! Unity can be a strong bond!! Hiding behind the anonymous edits seems cowardly to me. Just my two cents


  3. To the second post, you seem to be extremely negative towards parents fighting against all this crazy testing instead of teachers teaching to the whole child. To call School Committee members who are supporting parents “ignorant idiots out,” are you for real!!! Just in case you are unaware, this is also a statewide movement as well as a national movement. Questions 1. Did you or your parents have to take all these standardized test when you were a student? 2. Did your teachers teach for the test? 3. Did you learn how to add and subtract using the old method instead of this convoluted Common Core method? 4. If these test are so great, why don't private schools and Catholic schools require their students to take these test? 5. Do you think that the colleges are looking at the results of these tests in Massachusetts the MCAS or PARCC?


  4. Call me paranoid but I say it's all part of a plan to get the district to a Level 5. They are all working together and feeding us false information so that the contract can be ripped to shreds and every dedicated, veteran educator of this fine city will be shown the boot, courtesy of Dr. Mitchell Chester. I don't know about anyone else, but this is a terrible, terrible time for the New Bedford School System. We are all in a heap of trouble if a few schools don't test. The levels will fall. Everyone including the foolish cab driver of radio fame have asked, so what? That foolish man has even encouraged dedicated educators to call in sick during the testing. We will never neglect our children whether they are testing or not. Want to know what happens if the levels fall? Suddenly all schools will be 'turnaround schools.' Do you know what that means, you foolish cabbie? It means that the teachers will have to reapply. Many will lose their jobs. Is that what you want? Sometimes, I think the people working as our supposed allies, are in fact working against us to destabilize the district in order to get many teachers out. You know what they say. Keep your friends close… These people are not our friends and we must keep them even closer to ensure that they are not trying to sabotage the New Bedford Educator.


  5. FYI The MTA has an excellent Opt Out Toolkit available on their website. Are you paranoid enough to believe your union also wants a takeover? Please stop talking nonsense. High Stakes Testing should not be defended by a public school teacher. The use of these tests has already destabilized everything.


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