14 thoughts on “Angry parents want answers about discipline from New Bedford school officials

  1. It's about time Durkin was held accountable. Thank you Parents…don't give up until she is gone! We need the SC gone also, except for Chris Cotter! He is the only SC member who speaks up for the students and the teachers!


  2. Even I know that teachers need to communicate daily to their students. Part of the job! Isn't communication between administrator and teacher similar in concept? Hmmm! Ever watch Dragnet?Hold students accountable? Gee, now lets me think about that one! Talk to parents about school safety? Isn't that an redundant redundant. BTW, great insight by Josh. I think he has been sleeping on his ears. The ears are numb folks! Did they go numb before or after the election?


  3. A couple observations. You can't blame the Mitchell's for removing their children from NBPS. They are not stupid and know exactly what is going on. There are plenty of people giving them “real” information. They can afford private schooling, and have made a “what's best for their family” decision. Good for them. Since Durkin's hiring, her relationship with the teachers has been dreadful. The relationship has spiraled further down. If the cover up is true, she has to go, there is no other answer. A square peg will never fit into a round hole. There has to be some clause in her contract that specifies removal due to cause.


  4. Keep it up parents! Durkin is already denying the truth. She is doing the same thing to NB that she did in Attleboro. The difference is that the Attleboro SC wasn't afraid of her. NB SC needs to grow a pair. Except for Chris Cotter.


  5. Email to Pia Durkin, School Committee, Mayor, and Principal Bailey:Hello Ms. Durkin,On Saturday March 19th I read an article in the Standard Times newspaper. Two specific paragraphs really disturbed and concerned me: “Durkin, in an interview with The Standard-Times this week, said that while there are “behavior issues in our schools,” she described teacher and parent allegations of violence and out-of-control students as an “exaggeration.” “Durkin also said that an incident a week ago Wednesday in which a student threw a book at a teacher, who later left the classroom, was due to miscommunication. She said the book was thrown on the floor, not at the teacher. After a clerk in the principal's office sent the student back to class a short time later, the teacher left the classroom, she said.”Were you present when the book was thrown? I can assure you my son was sitting in that classroom; he saw exactly what happened. Yes the book “hit the floor” after it was thrown across the room. How safe would you feel standing at the front of a classroom and a book gets thrown 2 feet from where you're standing? On the other hand, how would you feel if your son or daughter was in the classroom and books were getting thrown and then the perpetrators were able to return to class? The teacher did not report back to school until Monday, when the child was removed from first period and suspended. Why does it take three days to suspend a student for throwing a book at a teacher? Honestly, making excuses for these students is not helping these situations. “He was frustrated” is not a reasonable excuse to throw a text book. This child committed assault and even destruction of school property, in which he should have been arrested.What was the reason Mr. Sykes did not return as principal this year? Last year when Mr. Sykes was principal there were not these kinds of issue in Keith. Would you like to know why? Well, there was order, rules, and the children knew they would be disciplined; meaning there were consequences for their actions. Why is Keith in the “beginning stages” of this so called PBIS system?I looked at PBIS.org and all the interventions mentioned are not new, so I do not understand why this is being used as an excuse.Directly from PBIS.org:Be Respectful of Self, Others, and Property.Be Responsible and Prepared at all Times.Be Ready to Follow Directions and Procedures.These troublemakers are not being held accountable for any of their actions. When the rules are broken there are consequences, it's very simple.My son is a honor roll student and prides himself on getting an education. However, the shenanigans that go on in his classroom are a waste of his time and the teachers. These teachers are spending countless hours on these students that refuse to learn and these agitators are not allowing the rest of the class to proceed in learning.I would appreciate in the future that you do not call my son, his teachers, or myself a liar.I'm eager to your response to my numerous questions and look forward to seeing you again at the school committee meeting April 11th.


  6. Bravo Parent!!! Durkin will try and blame everyone else but herself. It's time to take out the trash and get rid of Durkin. Thank you for supporting your teachers! We care so deeply about our students. ❤


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