4 thoughts on “Number of police calls to Keith Middle School doubled over last year

  1. Principal Bailey may be a wonderful person, but she was in no way prepared or ready to lead Keith Middle School. She probably knew this and all the teachers in the district knew it, so why didn't Durkin? Although Bailey should shoulder blame for the position the school is in, the bulk of the blame should be focused on the Superintendent for putting her in that spot. The same will be said of HayMac's new principal. I'll bet neither wanted to move. Could they have been bullied? Maybe a candid conversation between Cotter and these principals should occur. It seems that Durkin has no concept on how to handle personnel. I'LL SAY IT AGAIN, NO CONCEPT OF HOW TO HANDLE PERSONNEL. From day one folks, I believe, this has been a criticism. Its been said you can't teach a dog new tricks. You be the judge. So what in the world is the impetus for increasing her already high salary? Just look at her track record. Take the blinders off stakeholders and get rid of her. Pay the price, although it would have cost ziltch had not a new three year deal been offered or signed Who knows?. Has it been signed? She will drive the district into the ground for which it will take five years to a decade to fix. Those that were in favor of her new deal should hang their collected heads in shame. Unbelievable.


  2. Mr. Mayor and SC look at the data. It was just reported in the ST. How many teachers have left? How many principals replaced? How many teachers on medical leave? How many layers have to be skirted before getting a decent quote from Durkin? Maybe Carvalho is running the show?How many calls to the SROs or the police department will it take? How many duty officers will be taken off of the street to monitor and intervene at our schools? God I hope and pray no one gets seriously hurt. How many years to fix the problems that have been created? It is time to admit that Durkin's hiring and rehiring was a colossal mistake and do the right thing. Get rid of her. Maybe Trump can swing by and negotiate a good deal.


  3. I agree with the above comment. Violence at EVERY level -elementary is a huge problem. Get rid of Durkin and you will get rid of a huge part of the problem. There are no consequences for behaviors that ruin the other children's learning. She has bullied her principals, I have heard her scream at them in front of the students. She is so low class. Durkin only cares how the data is manipulated to make her look good. I cannot wait to leave NB!


  4. Lots of people shook their head when it was announced Mrs. Bailey would be going to Keith,that is definitely no place for her,she is to nice for that place.


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