3 thoughts on “Jack Spillane: Throwing the book at bad behavior in New Bedford schools

  1. Mr. Spillane, please go back to writing how the historical park is going to transform New Bedford. Those observations give more insight to your relevance and credibility than the ones you share on education. Leave education to Michael and Kathleen. Just for the record, I tried to read your article twice so I could be sure to digest all your wisdom, but got “frazzled” and threw up on the piece. Don't worry I can find another section to lay down for the dog.


  2. BTW, what ever happened to Tom Davis, Craig Dutra, Peter Kavanaugh, John Bullard, and the rest of the education roundtable who had all the answers and knew better than the NBPS teachers what was best for NB's school children? Their pro Pia stance at the time was overwhelming! Now there is nothing but silence from the aforementioned.


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