This was my first time attending a school committee meeting. I spoke because there are issues that need addressing. I was not recruited by anyone to speak. I spoke because that is my right and now I will continue to attend and speak at these meetings. People need to see and realize that resources being allocated to students is great, but when do the educators receive resources? Laying blame on teachers for poor student performance when these teachers do not have what they need is extremely concerning. We all have a voice and it should be heard. I don’t see anything wrong with that at all, in fact it almost always invokes change for the better. I was sadly disappointed with the turn out for such meetings, but I hope that will rise. I am now seeing the frustration teachers have and can understand why they feel the way they do. Truth is in regards to who and how the school committee works is all new to me, but I am now educating myself on the system.

9 thoughts on “I attended my first School Committee meeting on Wednesday … By Dave Goldman

  1. More parents like you need to go to the meetings and speak out about what is not working correctly in our district. Parents' voices are extremely important. Standing up and demanding a quality education without time from a disruptive student being taken away from learning is critical. We can not sacrifice 20 plus children in the class for one or two out-of-control students. This behavior needs to be stopped. Having children who want to go to school and learn and now all of a sudden don't want to go to school is not fair to the child. The administration should have acted on this matter immediately before someone got seriously injured.


  2. davidthank you just think all these administrators are being paid 100k plus to not answer parents calls. yet teachers are in line for a potential 0% increase in pay for the next 2 years and 1% in the third. they buy their own supplies and work 10 plus hour days and are constantly being reminded of their poor performance. im sure you are aware of all the teachers that were fired or moved to another district and more to come with this hay mac mess. i think you can honestly see by your experience that the mayor has completely abandoned his city and the people that want to make this a better place. did you notice his lack of interest.


  3. Isn't Durkin going to make close to a million at the end of her miserable 3 year contract? But teachers won't make get their raise and are expected to work even longer days now. I guess 12 hour days are not enough. What a waste of taxpayers money!


  4. Did I not say the elementary principal experience would not work at the middle school level. Incompetence at PRAB is ridiculous. Decision making a joke.


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