13 thoughts on “Pia Durkin releases recommendations for HayMac turnaround

  1. i attended my first school committee meeting last night and had to laugh at the lack of interest shown by the mayor and other members when parents spoke up about a situation at their school. the meeting was centered around parent involvement and now you have parents involved and they tell the story of superintendent and defalco not responding and essentially ignoring the issue. their story deserved attention as its another reason test scores are poor. all the attention is going to the wrong children. mayor has no problem speaking up when the 3 minutes are up though.not sure but i even thought i heard pia mention that the schools will look into feeding them supper to??thanks to mr. cotter for speaking up and mr amaral should stop smiling during these meetings especially when peoples futures are on the line. not a very good look.


  2. You understand that they cannot comment on students, dont you? You understand that Cotter recruiting people to take the mic is going to see more and more classroom stories on cable TV, dont you? With teachers unable to publicly respond? I congratulate you on rolling in to the meeting ( amazing!) but just think about what you are actually seeing. Not sure why my fellow teachers are so happy to see parents publicly attack nurses and teachers, see the pro charter radio guy who calls us overpaid government workers, and welcome a state takeover where job security goes out the window. Be careful what you wish for.


  3. Why are the mayor's children in private schools? I guess he also thinks that Durkin is a waste of time. Good way to support the teachers Mayor. He is another mistake. Teachers are so underpaid it's a joke! Any other profession people would get paid for ALL the overtime they put in each day.


  4. Chris Cotter “Recruiting” people to take the microphone? Not sure where your info came from but there was no recruiting at all! Again post as anonymous but at least get your facts straight! Sounded to me, who is Chris Cotter, that the parents who spoke are frustrated with the administration and actually commended teachers for their work under such difficult behavioral situations. Please say what you wish but keep facts as fact!


  5. Political correctness is to blame. Parents will never be held responsible for their ineptitude in raising their children. It is always someone else’s fault. The politicians are allowing this to happen in every aspect of social culture. To the teacher; it is sad to say but you are fighting a loosing battle with little or no support from the SC or administration. The big shots are in it for the money. No matter what kind of edu-cratic spin they put on it, they will be out of N.B. along with their last pay check. And that my friends, you can take to the bank!


  6. It's about time parents spoke up about what's going on in the classrooms all over the city where unruly children are hurting the education of their classmates..At Swift what was reported is child's play in comparison of what goes on at other schools…it's always swept under the rug………..BRAVO……..to those parents who spoke up…


  7. Bravo to the parents who spoke up and Bravo to Chris Cotter! Both ,keep supporting your teachers and students who are in school to learn!


  8. This was my first time attending a school committee meeting. I spoke because there are issues that need addressing. I was not recruited by anyone to speak. I spoke because that is my right and now I will continue to attend and speak at these meetings. people need to see and realize that resources being allocated to students is great, but when do the educators receive resources? laying blame on teachers for poor student performance when these teachers do not have what they need is extremely concerning. We all have a voice and it should be heard. I don't see anything wrong with that at all, in fact it almost always invokes change for the better. I was sadly disappointed with the turn out for such meetings, but I hope that will rise. I am now seeing the frustration teachers have and can understand why they feel the way they do. truth is in regards to who and how the school committee works is all new to me, but I am now educating myself on the system.Dave Goldman


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