4 thoughts on “HayMac teachers must explain their ideas, model a lesson plan, and undergo interview to stay

  1. This is an insult to teachers. I wouldn't even bother. Go to another district that appreciates the teacher's efforts, receives family support and administration support instead of the constant bullying by Durkin and Defalco. What a shame the teachers are getting blamed for Durkin's turn around plan. I really dislike NB district, not he kids, the powers that be.


  2. and…..when we don't like your ideas we will place you somewhere in the district that doesn't care that you were rejected by administration to teach at HayMac? #NotQuiteTurnaroundReady #PleaseTakeTheseRejects


  3. i attended my first school committee meeting last night and had to laugh at the lack of interest shown by the mayor and other members when parents spoke up about a situation at their school. the meeting was centered around parent involvement and now you have parents involved and they tell the story of superintendent and defalco not responding and essentially ignoring the issue. their story deserved attention as its another reason test scores are poor. all the attention is going to the wrong children. mayor has no problem speaking up when the 3 minutes are up though.not sure but i even thought i heard pia mention that the schools will look into feeding them supper to??thanks to mr. cotter for speaking up and mr amaral should stop smiling during these meetings especially when peoples futures are on the line. not a very good look.


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