10 thoughts on “HayMac teachers to reapply for jobs

  1. will someone please hold the school committee responsible for these failures. they had their 3 years with this school. so what if they are voted positions make them reapply or better yet sub for a week. mayor has already stated he is not qualified to be a substitute – then what makes him qualified to head the school committee. this is simple management. a successful manager will always point to others for the companies success and point to himself for its failures. now its time for teachers to reapply and we will lose a large percentage to other districts because management doesn't listen or care. such a shame


  2. I think we all know that if Durkin, and the others in this circus, really wanted NBPS to succeed they would be approaching teachers in a very different way. I agree with the “good manager”, “bad manager” theory. She's the shining example of a bad manager, bulling the very people who had made NBPS great! (and who are still trying despite everything that's been thrown their way). Whomever decided that signing her on for another 3 years was in the best interest of NBPS was wrong…..or, secretly, they also want to see the demise of NBPS. Terminate her, and DON'T send her on her way with hundreds of thousands of dollars in a pay-out.


  3. Durkin should be let go….send her back to Attleboro …Oh yes, that's right, they don't want her either! It was her turn around plan, now the teachers are being blamed for HER failures. Typical.


  4. I have been to hammer and trust me teachers do their job it's the students who do want to behave I wish our teachers were more supportive to their staff!!


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