8 thoughts on “SouthCoast Teacher of the Year Anne Oliveira of New Bedford High School almost took a different path

  1. Congratulations Anne. Another Teacher of the Year from New Bedford. Wasn't it was great to read the encouraging and thoughtful remarks from Durkin and Defalco. As always, unprecedented teacher support. Don'tcha love it.


  2. Anne is from New Bedford therefore she is part of the problem. If a TFA alumni or a Defalco crony won this award Pia would be on the front page of the paper. Ironically Anne's old job has been unfilled since Durkin's arrival yet is posted on school spring again today. Durkin and Defalco's silence speak volumes.


  3. The Southcoast Teacher of the year is selected by a panel of educators from NB as well as area towns and cities. Anne is a dedicated educator who has served the children of the City of New Bedford for many years and in many capacities. This honor recognizes her love of teaching. There should only be congratulatory comments, which highlight her work through several NBPS administrations. Those educators and students who know Anne realize how much she deserves this honor, those are the people who count. Congratulations, Anne, for a job well done!


  4. You mean to say that selection entails more than placing the perfect mastery objective on the board? Golly gee, I thought so even though the importance of the mastery objective is all I hear about from administration. I'm told that without the mastery objective students won't stand a chance of learning a thing.


  5. To the person who posted “the Southcoast Teacher of the Year…” who are you to say what “should” be said on this blog? An observation was stated in a previous post that brings awareness to the lack of recognition by the superintendent’s office to Anne Oliveira’s distinguished award which highlights her accomplishments in education. This observation of Durkin’s administration which continues to rebuke teacher’s hard work but very, very rarely will choose to credit teachers of NBPS. This observation is a perfect example of that and in my humble opinion has every right to be discussed in this blog. Congratulations Anne Oliveira!


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