2 thoughts on “Amaral to serve as School Committee vice-chair

  1. The only SC member to stand up for the teachers was Chris Cotter! I was at the meeting . Chris stood up to Durkin's bullying while the others put their tails between their legs. Josh also conceded to her big mouth. Now we are getting blamed for the children's upbringing- Unbelievable! Thank you Mr.Cotter!!! Please keep supporting the teachers. You know what we are up against, the others don't have a CLUE!


  2. I would like to know Mr. Amaral , why the teachers are not provided with substitutes anymore? I have the flu and my classroom has not had a teacher for 4 days because I am TOO SICK to come into my class. How is this fair? One person told me that no one wants to come to NB to sub because of the horrible conditions in our schools. Student and parent behaviors, bullying of the teachers, over crowed classes…Gee, I wonder why! Maybe if you are not to timid, you could bring this subject up.


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