“Marlene Pollock was a disaster on the School Committee. I believe wholeheartedly that Marlene Pollock never supported teacher concerns. We brought numerous concerns to her. She has dismissed every one of our concerns. She denied every grievance we ever brought.” – Louis St. John
Pollock said she was “in touch with teachers all along. There are teachers who were fine with the status quo and others who were upset with what was happening,” she said. “It’s all about perspective. The problem with big school districts is there are so many moving parts and so many different perspectives.” – Marlene Pollock

9 thoughts on “Outgoing School Committee member Pollock reflects on her work with city

  1. Another joke from the ST, the new “Man of the Year”!!Some statements presented in the article about education…”Mitchell is credited with turning the public schools around, breaking them free of decades of half-hearted and ineffectual leadership.” “He was able to set the conditions for reform in which “ALL” kids (Just not his daughter!) would learn in New Bedford, not just some ,” Durkin said. “He has principals, teachers, and families believing in something that is not only possible but probable.” Mitchell Chester, the state’s commissioner of elementary and secondary education, also had high praise for Mitchell, calling himself a fan. (The Mitchell Chester connection) “No one has been more engaged and committed to the school district than Mitchell,” Chester added. “I am impressed with his commitment to move along building on what’s working and taking on aspects” from other communities. “He does a lot of research. He wants to know what’s happening.” (Not sure where he does his research, or if he even cares about what is happening!!!!) The downfall of the NBPS = Durkin + Jon Mitchell + Mitchell Chester connections


  2. Ms. McKiernan, please do not assume the school system was in turmoil in 2007 just because Marlene Pollack said so. If statistics and data determine what a successful school system looks like than the school systems slide coincides with Marleen's election to the school committee. In 2008 New Bedford was near the top academically among Gateway Cities. Look it up. The truth is Marlene Pollack did way more harm than good during her tenure on the school committee. She mentions cronyism. I suppose both of her sons getting jobs in the school system while she was elected isn't cronyism. I guess Pia Durkin hiring the former principal at Roosevelt and the current transportation director, both who worked with Pia isn't cronyism. How about the current Chief of Operations at NBHS? He worked directly for DeFalco in Worcester. I guess cronyism is only a problem when your on the wrong team. Marlene's direct intervention in closing Westside resulted in an explosion of discipline problems at NBHS which continue to this day and was the catalyst for the disappearance of Acushnet students attending there. Marlene was known to walk into headmaster Kulaks office and demand he not suspend certain students. This was way above and beyond her duties and responsibilities as a school committee member. If Marlene Pollack wanted transparency so bad than why did the school committee during her tenure reduce the number of monthly meetings from 2 to 1. Ms. McKiernan, do some reporting and ask the RIGHT people if the district actually saved any money on busing. I'm confident she's full of it.


  3. Anyone else think the ballooning populations in some buildings have been caused by school closings? Even the oversized Lincoln that absorbed 3 schools is overcrowded from what I understand. Now we are building another Goliath in a tough neighborhood. Congdon is overrun with needy students that have made an assistant principal necessary for the first time. How can Pollock claim to be part of “success”? Where is the reality locator in her mind?


  4. Did anyone happen to notice the Standard Times misspelled ACUSHNET as “ACHUSNET” on their FRONT page in it’s declaration of the ST’s selection for that town’s Man and Woman of the year on Tuesday 12/29/15. Not ONCE but TWICE!! Talk about ineptitude. Seriously now, how long does it take to run spell check? Really!! Actually, all they had to do was look at the picture of their selection on page A3 and they could have copied it from that. Selectman David Wojnar is standing in front of the doorway which reads “Acushnet Town Hall”. YIKES, quality journalism at it’s finest.


  5. I'm wondering how the Kempton kids are doing at Rodman. How is the attendance of these children that have been disenfranchised from their neighborhood school? I'm wondering how attendance is in the district? If the kids are not in school they can't learn. I am now being told that what we teach is not nearly as important as the skills we need to teach.


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