ESEA agreement nears, conference committee meets Wednesday

Almost 14 years since the signing of No Child Left Behind, Congress is literally now within sight of ending that broken era. After weeks of negotiations, Senate and House education committee leaders announced Friday they have a framework on a final ESEA reauthorization bill. Conference committee members are expected to be appointed Monday, with a formal take actionmeeting by Wednesday, and votes in the House and Senate by the week of November 30th.  The incredible year-long advocacy by educators hasbrought Congress close to ending the broken No Child Left Behind era. NEA President Lily Eskelsen García applauded the next steps toward reauthorization. Keep the pressure on until both chambers have passed a bill that provides all students with more opportunity and time to learn. Click on the “take action” button to urge Congress to finish ESEA and get it right. 

Urge Congress to increase funding for students most in need

Negotiations over an end-of-year bill to fund the government continue. Now that overall funding levels have been raised in the recent budget agreement, it is time to push for a larger share for the students most in take actionneed. Congress must put together an“omnibus” appropriations/funding bill by December 11th, when current funding expires. Students have been short changed for years and it’s got to stop! Click on the “take action” button to urge Congress to invest more heavily in programs for the students most in need— like Title I, IDEA, and early childhood education. 


Tell senators to oppose DC voucher program renewal

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee is expected to soon mark up a bill to extend Washington DC’s private school voucher program. Click on the take action“take action” button to urge your senators to vote NO on the Scholarships for Opportunity and Results (SOAR) Act (S. 2171), which funds the DC voucher program, which ignores the needs of public school students and diverts resources that should strengthen public schools.

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