10 thoughts on “Incumbents, newcomer Cotter elected to New Bedford School Committee

  1. In my opinion the bitter-end problems in New Bedford schools are poor student behavior during the entire school day and lack of “proficient” classwork and homework completion. Lets start here. Effective corrective steps are necessary at the superintendent and school committee level. Hold students and parents accountable. Teachers are already held accountable. Either the non compliant student jump aboard or let them be home schooled. It obvious that the traditional classroom is not the proper setting for their education. Make that really clear to both student and parent. Yes, home schooled. Maybe then things will change.


  2. I agree, students who are constantly disruptive should be home schooled! Hold the parents accountable, they did bring them up! The elementary level has some real behavior problems. They are not disciplined at home and come into school thinking they run the show! Constant disruptions, yelling at the teacher….etc. Children mimic what they see at home. Period. Buck up parents, Durkin , SC, do your job because the teachers are getting sick of doing YOUR job!


  3. A big problem with the school committee and the reality of what goes on in classrooms is that the school committee keeps an arm length distance between the two. I know the sc is the overseer and litmus strip to the super and the system but in order for true change to begin, sc members need to get into schools and classrooms. And I don't mean schools and classrooms that are magically chosen by the super or classrooms chosen by the principal. We all know that chosen schools and classrooms are as perfect as can be offered in the district. Stay out of the AP or advanced classes. Peek in those if you like. That information should be aired during sc meetings and from that a rolling punch list is created and monitored. Wonder how many sc members have spent time in the most under performing schools and classrooms over the past two years? Hope Mr. Cotter gets back into schools.


  4. I am a huge teacher support but this homeschooling thing makes you people sound ignorant. These children need role modeling behavior to help them break the cycle. testing and academics should be taught after good manners and appropriate behavior are taught. That's what durkin and the sc do not understand. Poor student behavior is not a result of engaging lessons it is a result of lacking family situations, abuse poverty and violence at home or just plain lack of anything at home. Mass general hospital and ri resilient kids have awesome programs to empower teachers administrators and kids to improve student behavior and performance. one of these programs should have been the first investment for New Bedford.


  5. Apparently someone thinks that snarky comment that including homeschooling was a teacher. Perhaps you are the ignorant one? The person that posted it was trying to make fun of Cotter and Lang.


  6. Some people shouldn't have children if they depend on everyone else to bring their kids up! The teachers can only do so much. I am a parent, I see so much, so much ignorance and entitlement that is channeled down to these kids from their parents. Enough is enough!


  7. The person who wrote about home schooling is correct. There are so many students that disrupt in the classroom and prevent learning. Let the parents teach them because the teachers' can't, and to boot others in the class suffer. There are not enough alternative schools and an act of God is require to move a student to these locations.


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