14 thoughts on “Your thoughts on the school committee race

  1. Trial balloons being floated on scrapping PARCC. Lets hear from all the supporters and what they have to say. Company line will be that is was a step in the right direction and that a lot can be used for a MCAS 2.0. Don't believe it folks. This little foray was a colossal waste of taxpayer money. No one will ever know the cost, profit, or power organizations and individuals weld or made during this little experiment. What does the superintendent have to say now that Chester is floating his balloons? Chester should be fired over his support and participation PARCC. Only 7 states and DC opted for PARCC testing in the end. What a loser. Seven out of how many? And if Pia holds the company line, well you determine what she is. Boston politics at its best. In the end, lots of “you know what” kissing has occurred and lets see if it continues. From Pia to Chester to Baker. See if everybody keeps their jobs and what it takes to keep them will tell you how good of a kisser they are!!!


  2. Pia spoke in favor of PARCC just this week. Everything she has done, every dollar she has spent, every poor decision can be traced back to her tunnel vision on testing and blind loyalty to Mitchell Chester.


  3. So now PARCC is out. Right after NBPS spent just over $2 million to buy PARCC/Pearson textbooks. Way to go Dr. Durkin, Mayor Mitchell and New Bedford School Committee.


  4. The problem is not the purchase of the PARCC ready textbooks. These books are fine. It was the wait to purchase these books. For years students were in classes without textbooks because the school department was waiting for “PARCC ready” textbooks to be released. Forget out of date books in the classroom, but ZERO books. That's the sin!


  5. The point of the above comment, was the delay in purchasing textbooks period! Ask around, you will be amazed how many teachers were without textbooks for so many years. Meanwhile numerous hires for big bucks at PRAB.


  6. Sorry guys but the text books in Math envision 2.0 especially the lower grades are TERRIBLE, they teach numerous concepts all at the same time then contain test questions not even taught in the Topic chapters. Rather than teach the most efficient methods kids are being lost in their Common Core/PARC nonsense attempt to cover all the “Understandings” We are now having to spend lots of time figuring out how to use these terrible text books, What a huge waste of our time and the cities money.


  7. Durkin has all her minions and the teachers have nothing. She receives big bucks and the teachers who really care for the children receive nothing. Now she wants 40% , I don't spend time with my family anymore. All I do is work, for what? She can put that 40% where the sun doesn't shine!


  8. The school committee should consist of one or two high school teachers, one or two middle school teachers, two elementary teachers, 1 or 2 councilors at large, the mayor, a representative from the police department, and a representative from DCF. All elected by peers and given a little stipend. The current method should be scraped. Maybe then we'll see improvement. At least better fact checking.


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