Chuck Lapre – Panelist

His career in public education spans twenty-seven years.  He is currently in his ninth year of teaching Grade 8 Social Studies at Roosevelt Middle School and also serves as the Vice President for Unit A of the New Bedford Educators Association. 
Ricardo Rosa  Panelist

He is the co-chair of Save Our Schools and a member of United Opt-Out. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, an activist, writer and researcher working with youth. He is a parent of three children enrolled in the New Bedford Public School system.
Doria Bryant – Panelist

She graduated from several area universities with a focus on Political Science, English and Law. She is an English Language Arts teacher at the Keith Middle School where she has taught 8th grade for the last 15 years. She is the Honor Society Advisor at Keith and has served as the NBEA Faculty Representative for the last 5 years. 

Jose Soler – Panelist

He is the recently retired Director of the UMass Dartmouth Labor Education Center, He is an activist in the fight to stop the privatization of public education. He is part of the national steering committee of Save Our Schools March and a co-chair of The SE Mass & RI Coalition to Save Our Schools. He is a former teacher, a leader of the Greater SE Mass Labor Council and the grandfather of 7 children that attend public schools in New Bedford and in New Hampshire.

Moderator – Jim Phillips
Chris Cotter
Celia Dos Santos
Joaquim “Jack” Livramento
Bruce J. Oliveira
George Rogers
Warley Williams

17 thoughts on “School Committee Candidates Debate

  1. We definitely need a new school committee! Those pretentious fools just gave Durkin another 3 year contract for how much???????? Teachers-0 raise, Durkin close to 700 thousand, WOW! She doesn't think we are worth the money and we all know she Is NOT worth her paycheck. Very SAD!


  2. I hope someone on the panel will ask if the investment in Pearson programs is really providing a quality learning environment for our youngest students. Did the HayMac teachers suddenly figure out how to teach or did test scores rise because of constant focus on test prep? I don't think we should celebrate test scores just yet.


  3. Remember that Warley Williams believes Dr. Durkin is working hard. (Not hard enough to keep him working in the NBPS system though). He left for Vocational because he will make more money in an easier work environment. Plain and simple. Now he wants to continue making the working and learning conditions impossible for our public school system?


  4. @ Anonymous 1. You are right, I am not a licensed teacher, but that never stopped me from teaching the students. BTW, I am one test shy of obtaining my certification, and yes I was fired from the system after being employed by them for over 25 years. But since you seem to know it all, do you know the reason why????? Well let me tell you, and everyone else why. I was terminated because i supposedly made a demeaning remark about a student's weight. But since you seem to know me so well, you would also know that I would never do that. I was charged, judged, and hung without the benefit of an investigation. Furthermore, I do not hide behind a faceless/nameless icon. I stand behind everything I say and stand for. CHANGE FOR THE SYSTEM. I AM CELIA DOS SANTOS


  5. Celia has worked in our schools. She knows the teachers, students and parents. She is more qualified because of her experiences. Being let go in such a random, unjustified manner gives her the fire in her belly that the superintendent respects. I say give her the chance to hold the superintendent accountable for her deplorable lack of skill in managing the people she supposedly leads.


  6. It is so sad and shameful how some people will go down to Pia's level to hurt other people. Shame on you. Celia, you have my vote!


  7. I am a former New Bedford High School teacher who worked with Celia Dos Santos for many years; many of you may know me from the incident that occurred back in 2014. The fact that Ms. Dos Santos worked as hard as she did for the students of New Bedford High School, displaying the highest levels of professionalism and caring as she did, despite not receiving all the compensation and benefits that accrue to the “licensed” teachers, speaks volumes for the level of concern and service that she will bring to the New Bedford School Committee WHEN she is elected. She will, I know, do her utmost to bring in minority families and allow them empowerment in our school system. PLEASE PLEASE get out and vote for Celia Dos Santos unless you want to see business continue as usual on a downward spiral.Although I am not personally acquainted with Chris Cotter, he brings the same desire for REAL improvement in our schools. If nothing changes, nothing changes, except for the worst.If you're wondering why I wasn't at the debate on Wednesday, it's because I had to work.Joanne Maura


  8. Some serious questions remain unanswered. Why are new hires no longer listed as certified or with waivers on the personnel report? Does Pia not want everyone to know that her new hires are uncertified or teach for America alums. Has anyone asked her or any school committee members about the growing list on school spring? That we are into October and that many vacancies remain is scandalous. Also, what is Pia doing with all the money that was line itemed for all the vacant positions? She obviously is spending it as she wishes yet the school committee continues to say that monies are tight. What a clueless bunch they are. I urge Chris Cotter and Celia DosSantos to ask these questions. The public deserves to know the truth. My support is behind both of you.


  9. Here's a couple of questions the SC should ask Pia. Why did the 2015 tenth grade scores stink?What will make them improve to “proficient” this year? Will you resign the number of students proficient are not commpetitive to the state average? How many positions in the district are not filled? When will they be filled? How many uncertified teachers were hired for this school year? Are all referrals being entered to the system? What are the major offenses? What are the actions being done to deter these offenses? What is being done about the repeat offenders? How many scheduled exams are scheduled for this year? How will transparency occur regarding the process? Are all schools following the same process? What is the criteria for retention? How are grades determined? How will the inconsistency of grades be rectified, and stop being the sham that all teachers know and participate in? When will social promotions ends? When will the SC get in the business of correcting student behavior and stop ignoring the problem? What will Pia do to rectify her plans to engage the public and community? These questions would be a good start.


  10. Plunk for Cotter orPlunk for DosSantosSTOP THE INCUMBENTS! Oliveira says “Re-elect” when this is his first real election. He was appointed by Mitchell to replace Clark and then in the last election his name stood alone for some reason.


  11. We need someone who has actually worked for NBPS on the school committee. Celia was a teacher in the district and Chris was an SRO at one of the middle schools if memory serves. Warley is also impressive but only knows the administrative aspect of NBPS.


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