15 thoughts on “School Committee Debate … This Wednesday.

  1. I realize that during Dr Durkin's second school committee meeting she brought in someone from a local university who was an expert in Superintendent and school committee relations. Maybe that's why the current committee is neutered. There are many issues that still fall under the purview of the school committee that are left ignored. Here are a few subjects that should be discussed tonight. -Please have an incumbent explain why the job openings on school spring are longer than ever before. This year was supposed to be different and somehow its worse. -Have the incumbents explain WHAT is happening to all the savings to the district from all the remaining vacancies. Most of those jobs were line itemed. Seems like Pia can't spend it fast enough. -Have the incumbents explain why the expansion of AP courses has not brought more Acushnet kids back to the high school. -The school committee has a responsibility to the school buildings here in the city. Please ask them about the new Seimans contract that will upgrade Heating and cooling systems at 8 city schools. Will the school department own the manuals and codes for those systems? Or most likely the school department will now have to exclusively pay Seimans for any repairs when their are staff in house doing the work now. -Lastly but most importantly please ask the incumbents why a 3 year extension was needed when there is mounting evidence things haven't improved and in many areas have gotten worse.


  2. It was shame that they were. One is a buffoon and the other is a numbers man who stated that the number one reason teachers leave is the working conditions, but he accepts no part in that problem here? He offers no remedy for the exodus?


  3. Bruce knows what the superintendent is doing to us but he's looking the other way. Jack Livermento is just a bunch of gas that says a lot but nothing he says really makes sense except that he is in love with Durkin. I will not vote for any of the incumbents. I will also not vote for Walley Williams. I think he's Marlene's chosen one. He'll pander to teachers to get elected and then he'll stab them in their eyes.


  4. You teachers bitch and moan but few of you bothered to attend last night. I was there and the room was mostly empty. Things can't be that bad if you can't take the time to attend a debate you sponsored, pitiful.


  5. ^ let's hear the excuses: I'm afraid I'd get fired if I attended, there were spies taking pictures and sending them to dr. Durkin, I would have attended but I was busy making up excuses why I couldn't attend, I don't want to do anything to help myself but I I'll blame everyone else for not doing their part.


  6. I did not attend because I knew it would be no different than any other district or sc meeting I've attended; it would have been a waste of my time. Until the sc mandates students and parents to appear before them for inappropriate behavior or consistent nonconformity to rules, nothing will change. It's not the teachers!!!! Why are teachers leaving the district? Come on, how stupid can anyone be! Does every face have a nose?


  7. Why was this held on a week night? I would have loved to attend but unfortunately I had a work commitment. I don't think Mr Williams is a friend of any incumbents on the sc or anyone at central office. I am pretty sure durkin did a non renewal of his contract when she rolled into town. I am defiantly voting for him. He has worked in the system has experience with the most difficult student population and he is invested in the district by having children that attend the public schools. why is there so much negativity on this BLOG?


  8. 1/4 of the teachers in NB are in their first 3 years in the district—the majority of the rest live in the surrounding towns–some drive from the cape and others on the RI border. Why would they attend a debate? Soon the entire district will be people with little vested interest in the politics of this city. They drive in for work and drive away for life.NBPS will be a stepping stone for the first time teacher that can't find a better district. No veteran teachers will exist in this city.


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