Legislators need to hear from educators right away about why lifting the cap on charter schools is bad for students, educators and communities. Please send messages to your state representative and senator by clicking here.

Governor Charlie Baker has now filed a bill to dramatically lift the cap on Commonwealth charters, paving the way for district public schools to lose hundreds of millions of dollars more in just a few short years. If enacted, his plan would further divide the state and accelerate the creation of a two-track education system, with one segment that is truly public and another that is publicly funded but privately operated.

As the MTA said in a statement today, “The truly public system will always welcome all students. The private system will continue to find ways to underserve those with the most needs and then use inflated claims of success to grab an ever-larger share of public education funding.” Go here for the full statement.

MTA members should also know that the charter model used in many schools exploits employees for the benefit of private charter operators. Charter school teachers do not have to be licensed by the state. The overwhelming majority do not have the benefits of a collectively bargained contract and are often required to work exceptionally long hours for no additional compensation.

These practices, along with a lack of professional autonomy for charter school educators, lead to high turnover rates. This is disruptive to students and staff alike. Yet this is the model that charter proponents want to see spread to schools throughout the state.

The Joint Committee on Education is holding a public hearing on Tuesday, Oct. 13, on charter school bills. They include the governor’s bill and other destructive legislation to lift the cap, as well as proposals supported by parents, educators and other community members that would restrict the growth of charters.

We are strongly urging legislators to support S. 326, an MTA bill filed by Sen. Marc Pacheco (D-Taunton) to impose a three-year moratorium on the approval of new Commonwealth charter schools. Please send your message now

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