7 thoughts on “New Bedford Public Schools superintendent has highest city employee salary

  1. If her job merits this salary, why so many underlings needed? After years of too many clipboard toting fools we are overloaded with these positions again.


  2. This is a trend across the nation. Superintendents are paid well. Should the position be paid 3, 4, 5 times the rate of a teacher? In my opinion no, but that is not going to change anytime soon.


  3. I could see the lay being justified if you were alone doing it or with an assistant,but not justified when you have 10 helpers…..


  4. Teacher's average salary is about 50,000. We have to receive our Master's degree and pay huge loans. Average classroom of 32 kids, teacher has no help ……at all. Durkin gets paid 190,000 and has 10 assistants who make a ridiculous amount of money. The people in the trenches, who actually care about the students, who are there day in and day out, who obviously are not in the teaching profession for the money. Too bad Durkin can't say the same thing.


  5. Spends a lot of time floating from one function to another during the day,how come we can't leave our classrooms to even get to go to the bathroom.


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