5 thoughts on “Past full day Friday initiatives failed due to lack of funding

  1. No way should they take that time away from elementary teachers,ask any elementary teacher how many times they never get art ,physical ed,library,computers,and music.its just a bunch of bullshit 20 new teachers are going to be able to provide the adequate coverage for the prep time during the week.Don't fall for that….


  2. wake up….we provide the time mandated by the state..how often have initiatives been started in the past…then phased out leaving line teachers to provide coverage…..time would not be added…..these teachers would be hired…initially…then if the budget did not support them…relieved of their duties and general ed teachers would not have their planning time…i have experienced the “bait and switch before” it always sounds good until isn''t there…Fred Pearson


  3. This year many elementary teachers never got any planning time because the specialists were absent or we're doing other things,some were even doing fundraisers?


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