9 thoughts on “Early Friday dismissals for New Bedford schools started 40 years ago

  1. “Michael Sentance, a former secretary of education who also advised governors William Weld and Paul Cellucci, said other Massachusetts districts have early dismissals, weekly or monthly for professional development, or district planning. But he noted that they tend to be in well-to-do districts where academic achievement is high.”So early dismissals are good for rich districts but they are not good for the children of New Bedford.


  2. That planning time was fought for by elementary teachers so they could have planning time for themselves not common planning time with colleagues.it was also a right that was fought for because colleagues at middle and high school had planning time every day..that planning time was also bargained for and elementary teachers gave something up to get it..nothing is given to teachers in this system ,every thing is fought hard for..


  3. I'm retired now ( thank God), but I was in the system when elementary had to fight the hard fight for 90 minutes of planning time. It's true that jr. high and high school had their planning time, but at the elementary level there is no specializing in ONE subject. We have to teach ALL subjects……..reading, math, science, social studies, and language (which includes spelling and grammar) and we were doing it ALL with NO planning time. If you think that 90 minutes per week is sufficient time for planning for all of that, you are VERY wrong!!!!!!!!!


  4. Those that have retired even 5 years ago can't imagine how unbearable it has become. No breaks(sometimes no lunch coverage available), bell to bell instruction, rigorous instruction must begin on Day 1 and all days after by 8:30. Weeks with no planning time other than the Friday at 1:00(if all students have been picked up on time–rare!) Class sizes ballooning at a time they should be controlled more than ever. The demands on teachers to provide customized instruction for identified ELLs and Special Needs students at the same time “teaching to the top”(even if there is no top?) Taking a DESE required course for a full semester with intense workload(or you will lose your credentials), developing a binder of evidence for evaluation, implementing a new reading program with sub-par training(one that requires extensive prep and displays), students with social/emotional needs having NO support due to part-time counselors, and loose discipline in many buildings as teachers are told to “handle your own discipline” or “evidence of progressive discipline”. Hand marking report cards to the tune of over 1,600+ boxes each trimester. Proctoring test after poorly designed test to be slapped with data that can be used to call you ineffective. This job is not for the weak. The elementary teachers in New Bedford should be exalted.


  5. If they take their planning time away they need to compensate all elementary teachers the thousand dollars plus interest that their previous colleagues fought hard for,believe that's the amount they gave up to get the planning time


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