10 thoughts on “City council aims to curb disruptive behavior at New Bedford schools

  1. Teachers do bring up some students when the parents fail. Their child is disruptive, swears at the teacher, throws fits in the class and nothing happens. Some parents that I have met think this behavior is “cute”. Not acceptable. A child is a reflection of their parents. Not all parents are so lacking in parental skills, I have met some really concerned and strict parents. Their children are a joy to teach.


  2. When you have students who “don't care about anything other than, Michael Jordan Sneakers, Designer clothes, smoking weed and being gang affiliated” it is nearly impossible to motivate these students to take their education seriously. Most of NB's students are great kids. For the students who come to school “checked out”, there needs to be some type of alternative plan to get them engaged in learning. We cannot just DUMP them into behavioral schools or behavioral “programs” and expect teachers who work at these programs/school to “fix” these kids. Parents need to be held accountable for their children's behaviors. The court can only do so much. The teachers are ONLY HUMAN!


  3. At this point in the year, parents of failing students (those that are behavioral students) that should be repeating should be told to keep their child home for the remainder of the school year. The school year is over for them. The school year was over the first day of school! This would eliminate huge problems waiting to occur.


  4. At my school one of the students trashed the classroom,nothing was done till student trashed the office then principal took interest in the matter……


  5. An education is a public right, but it should not be at the expense of the public that wants to get its children educated. NBPS will not turn itself around until students with behavioral issues regardless of a 504 or IEP are handled appropriately. If it means removing these students from the mainstream, then so be it. Let the teachers teach. It's amazing that there are so many great teachers in surrounding towns and all the bums are in NBPS. Isn't that the feeling you get when our leaders get together and discuss solution to the problems surrounding student and teacher's performances.


  6. Old school-if the child trashes the room, make that child clean it up! Parents of these children, try acting like parents and discipline your child. If you can' t be a parent, stop having children.


  7. 1993- over 70 suburban students( mostly Acushnet) graduated from New Bedford High School. That number was 54 in the year 2000 and held steadily for the next 8 years. This September only 2 students, yes 2 from Acushnet will enroll at the high school. The # of AP classes will make no difference in getting those kids back. Clean up the bad behavior, make the Acushnet parents feel New Bedford High School is a safe place and maybe they'll think about sending their kids there. They are not coming back until that happens regardless of the high # of AP choices that have been added to the curriculum.


  8. Please try to remember that at the moment Fairhaven will take all that apply. AT one point Fairhaven had a cap on Acushnet students. We lost Tara Kohler to Fairhaven and look at the great things she is able to do there. If I could I would send my kids there. NBHS will never turn around until there is some control of discipline.


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