3 thoughts on “Todd Gazda, Superintendent, Ludlow Public Schools: A good teacher is like a candle…

  1. Bristol County is geographically the spot with the least hope in Massachusetts for upward mobility according to recent Harvard research.Local comments from “leaders” in education are weak. Haven't we always had students that defied the odds? Pointing at the outliers is getting tiresome. Comments about the energy of those who do the work with learners from poverty, drug abuse, mental illness and hopelessness is outrageous.A Pear$on Math Program will not level the playing field–it might just serve to reduce attendance at the game of life here in New Bedford, MA BRISTOL COUNTY


  2. Whoever thinks that money is the primary motivator in turning NB's school district is either dreaming or delusional. It's good parenting and their commonsen$$$e that makes the biggest difference in a child's education.


  3. Too bad the super and her cronies have driven all the good teachers to retirement and resignations,and now the new crop she has hired are secretly looking to get out………………


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