Teacher Leadership Initiative (TLI)
The Massachusetts Teachers Association, in collaboration with the National Education Association, the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards and the Center for Teaching Quality, is seeking 35 MTA members to participate in the 2015-2016 school year pilot of the Teacher Leadership Initiative. The TLI will begin September, 2015 and run through August, 2016.
Who Can Apply
MTA members are invited to apply for the NEA Teacher Leadership Initiative Pilot Year Three. TLI is for educators aspiring to mobilize their leadership to help advance student learning, strengthen the teaching profession, and provide vision and direction to their association. 
The goal is for participating teachers to become leaders in the profession, with the knowledge, skills and core values to meet the demands of the teaching profession in the 21st century. The partners will develop systems to support ongoing professional growth in instructional, policy, and association leadership.  
Teacher Leadership Initiative (TLI) Training Program
The Year Three participants, 300 will be selected nationwide, will participate in a comprehensive leadership training program. It will include a field-based leadership Capstone Project blending instructional leadership, policy leadership and union leadership. Participants will focus on one of these four key policy areas: 
Common Core, School Redesign, Social Justice and Equity and Educator Evaluation. Much of the training will be online, with three face-to-face statewide meetings. 
Nearly 300 participants from fourteen sites, including 24 from Massachusetts, are currently participating in the hugely success Year 2 Pilot. 
Stipend and PDPs
Teachers selected will receive a stipend of $1,000 and 67.5 PDPs for completing their capstone project.
Teacher Leadership Initiative (TLI) Flier
Use this Flier which includes the application to inform your colleagues of the NEA Teacher Leadership Initiative (TLI). Information is also available at Teacher Leadership Initiative on the MTA website.
Application Deadline
Application deadline is May 15, 2015
“Leading” Video
Video produced by Six One Seven Studios.


  1. No one has the energy left after working all day to do this because most people are putting 12 Hour days in ,and not getting anywhere with all the behavior and low academics they encounter in the classrooms every day.


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