5 thoughts on “Revolving Door Of Teachers Costs Schools Billions Every Year

  1. This district has invested in training for many employees that have left for districts where they are not subjected to abuse and disrespect. The current climate is harmful to our students. So many of our learners crave a pleasant but effective day of learning-sadly the fear and intimidation fostered by this administration is trickling all over them. Where are the true advocates for children in New Bedford? Oh, that's right-they are too busy teaching!


  2. The revolving door for our teachers is because of the bullying and abuse from Pia Durkin. It would be nice if she tried to support her teachers instead of ripping them to pieces in front of the students. Attleboro school district asked her to leave because of her devious practices. I really do believe Pia has a personality disorder. Why does NB always pick up the trash?


  3. The revolving door is also from sneaky principals who have their own agendas of getting back at people because of their own issues,then we then have the higher layer at county street….that is why so many people leave,and let's not forget the abuses our members take in the classrooms from the students.


  4. Why doesn't the public vote out our very useless and biased school committee? Jack is what? 90!It's so easy to say, lets pay her a million dollars over the next 5 years. The PUBLIC will have to foot the bill. That's what it will cost, the people who vote for her don't have to work for her! Big difference! She takes responsibility for the teacher's success and hard work, but when she fails, she deflects the blame onto the teachers. We need someone who is supportive of our teachers. God help us, that is what the teachers from Attleboro are saying. God help us is right!


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