3 thoughts on “Rift widens in New Bedford between city, school leaders

  1. The rift should widen. This is the worst school committee of my lifetime. Most of them are responsible for this mess yet remain silent to the citizens of New Bedford. Please vote out all three incumbents who are on the ballot this fall.


  2. The City Council has every right to be concerned and it is also their responsibility to question the motives of not only this administration but the SC as well. The exodus of approximately 160 teachers last year as well as numerous administrators speaks volumes to this superintendant’s credibility. The loss of so many educators who are from the NB area, who have a genuine interest in their students and in the area they still call home should be a wake up call to members of the City Council. Educators who would have believed they would have dedicated their entire careers to serving NB students continue to leave this school and another principal as soon as by the end of this month. It is also rumored that two more long serving principals have not had their contracts renewed for next year. The most important hire in the city of NB this year was that of the flagship NBHS headmaster Kathleen Dawson. This Superintendant failed miserably in vetting that candidate. The Devalles principal is no longer at that school as recent as this past week. The City Council needs to overstep its’ boundaries on behalf of all of the stakeholders of NBPS. Lord knows the school committee has also failed miserably in their charged responsibilities.


  3. This administration is one of the most crooked I have seen in my 20 years! The City Council should question these buffoons! Bravo City Council. The school committee is useless. Durkin has failed miserably and sweeps her failures under the rug or places the blame on the teacher. I pray to God that these idiots don't hire her for another 3 years! Please vote out the school committee and the useless Mayor!


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