Legislators supporting the Less Testing, More Learning campaign last week filed bills for a moratorium on most of the “high stakes” tied to standardized tests. 

Please contact your own Representative and Senator and ask them to co-sponsor these bills. The deadline is Friday, Jan. 30.

You can find your Representative and Senator on the Open States web site and email them right from that site.

Your email can be as simple as, “Please co-sponsor Rep./Sen. ___’s bill to ______.” If you explain why, that’s even better.

  • Rep. Mary Keefe of Worcester and Sen. Barbara L’Italien 

    of Andover filed bills in the House and Senate for three-year moratorium on the graduation testNo student who completes all other high school graduation requirements should be denied a high school diploma because of a score on a state standardized test. (Click here for more information.)


  • Sen. Pat Jehlen of Somerville filed a bill for a three-year 

    moratorium on the state’s five-level rating system for schools and districts, and also on new school “turnarounds” and state takeovers. They are based almost entirely on test scores. (Clickhere for more information.)


  • Rep. Marjorie Decker of Cambridge filed a broader bill for a three-year moratorium on these and other aspects of high-stakes testing including tying test scores to teacher evaluation. (Click here for details on the bill, “The Schools Our Children Deserve.”)
  • Rep. Liz Malia of Boston filed a bill making it clear that parents have the right to opt their children out of state and district-mandated standardized tests. (Click here for more information.)
Please ask your own legislators to co-sponsor!

Citizens for Public Schools

One thought on “Contact your legislators to support Less Testing, More Learning bills! … Citizens for Public Schools

  1. We need to stop this madness…..actually a hidden agenda by the 1%to control the masses by dictating the educational system to their needs.


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