5 thoughts on “Teacher Assaulted At New Bedford High ….WBSM

  1. But I thought Mr. Urbon said that teacher assaults were greatly exaggerated. Of course if someone assaulted an S-T reporter it would be a crisis. When teachers are assaulted? Not so much. Mayor Jon Mitchell sought to put the incident in context. “Ninety-nine percent of the students at New Bedford High School show up on time ready to learn,” he said. The “minority of students” who don't “won't be tolerated, period” he said. Sounds a bit familiar: “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan. Period!” I wonder if the mayor would care to explain why if “ninety-nine percent of the students at New Bedford High School show up on time ready to learn”, the 2013 the graduation rate for 2013 was only 59%.


  2. I can't wait till Mr. Unger gives back to his community as a substitute teacher at the high school or middle school level and reports his findings to the Standard Times. It will be a great read. This incident is just the tip of the iceberg to what is occurring everyday in our schools. It is the violent form of disrespect that happens daily.


  3. The disrespect starts in our elementary schools. Mr. Unger would not believe what even our youngest learners are permitted to do. Our teachers are not supported and left to devise their own behavior survival guides. Administrators encourage “handling your own discipline” and repeat the falsehood that “engaging instruction eliminates all disruptive conduct”


  4. Maybe Mitchell needs to send his children to the crazy behavior schools in the south end of New Bedford instead of the west end elite school.


  5. you wouldn't believe what comes out of kindergarten and elementary student' mouths! F bombs , I'm going to kill you, etc. Gee, I wonder where they heard such profanities? It certainly is not at school, but once again the teachers get blamed for what some parents create. Not all parents. I have met some amazing parents in my 20 years who have well behaved children. Then there are the other “parents” .


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