8 thoughts on “Speech therapists lacking in schools, private sector

  1. Now I see the value of the Community Relations Manager position. It is two fold. It was created to professionally placate parents and the community at large that are being kept in the dark about the true conditions of our schools, and it removes the superintendent from direct contact from the community to which she serves. Great use of my tax dollars.


  2. Once again the public is told the “half truths”. The NBPS system is operating with less paras, sped teachers, speech therapists, and school psychologists than ever before. we hav IEP's that are legal documents and the students aren't receiving the services their plans call for. The Sped Dept is fully aware of this as well as HR and Dr. Durkin. No one “notifies” the parents of this because “they” don't want the parents to know their kids aren't serviced. Now, we also have enormous amounts of ELL students who are supposed to be receiving tutoring from certified ELL teachers and are not. This system is a total wreck, but Dr. Durkin now has more money to hire gerself a “mouth-piece”? It's disgraceful. She can show up to promote her PR at the Parker playground and the tree lighting in the south end and smile for the cameras, but she can't do what she promised for our students. People need to start speaking up and demanding answers.


  3. Durkin has an excuse for everything and anything that is asked of her. Waste of money hiring someone to speak for her because she has no problem rambling on and on and on and on and on………..


  4. We've all been told to keep our mouths shut about lack of services in the classrooms and the supportive services,sometimes these have been verbally said and then there is the implied that you better keep your mouth shut or you know what's going to happen to you.well ride your a….and make life miserable for you….great work environment!


  5. Speech Therapists are told to dismiss kids from speech before they enter middle school so services don't have to be provided. There are still 13 classes without teachers at the high school. In the morning the classes are covered my teachers with free periods. After 11:00 A.M. the kids are in classes with no teacher and no supervision. And where is the new technology that was promised at the high school? It's already December and there is NOTHING! Aside from painting a few walls red and white nothing has been upgraded or improved. Taxpayers need to go on a tour of the high school to see what their high taxes are paying for. Another principal hired by Pia that is a disaster.


  6. Roosevelt is a mess as well. Students caught smoking pot in the bathroom and get a one day indoor suspension. Students pantsing teachers, roaming the corridors during classes, and swearing at the principal and no consequences. Another one of Pia's picks for principal. She's doing a real bang up job and collecting a fat paycheck for doing so.


  7. The elementary schools are a mess also,students being disrespectful calling teachers names,throwing things,swearing,refusing to do work,running around the classrooms and the school .its a horror show. Let's also add overworked teachers.


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