“We are not withdrawing our support for Baker over this incident because, while it represents a serious error, we do not believe that it is indicative of a serious character flaw or deeply embedded dishonesty — although, should he win election on Tuesday, we will be watching carefully to see whether he was telling SouthCoast voters the truth when he pledged to support South Coast Rail and the inclusion of offshore wind in the state’s energy plans, among other things. Other candidates have told untruths and gone on to serve their country in distinguished fashion.” Standard Times 11/2/2014

What’s another word for a person who tells “untruths”?

15 thoughts on “Standard Times says that Charlie Baker is still the one

  1. I have no horse in this race but I just can't vote for someone who lies and lifting the cap off charters, like Charlie Liar wants to do, is simply wrong.


  2. You can always count on Boob Unger and his sub-standard rag to do and say what's wrong. It no wonder that their circulation is in the toilet.


  3. Charlie Baker fires Mitchell Chester. Martha coakley doesn't. That's enough for me. All politicians lie . I'll vote for the liar who removes Mitchell Chester!


  4. ^When did Charlie Baker say he'd fire Mitchell Chester?Answer: He never said it. But vote for Baker anyway. We all know how much he respects teachers, unions, and corrects. Maybe if you're lucky he'll out source your job to a nice TFA.


  5. Charlie Faker should not be governor. He will be another predatory te$ting supporter. Why would he ever get rid of Chester? He is on the PARCC board and that's $$ for eduinvestors that love Charlie.


  6. I suppose Governor Patrick has shown educators across the state how much he respects teachers and their unions. TFA is already here. Education in Massachusetts since ed reform has gone downhill but has accelerated under the leadership of Deval Patrick and stewardship of Mitchell Chester.


  7. This is hilarious. All these folks who say they wouldn't vote for a liar like Baker will be lining up at the polls in 2016 to vote for a compulsive liar named Hillary.


  8. This really makes me laugh, Mitchell said in the Sub Standard Times that it is unreasonable to expect the transition to go smoothly at the high school. Yet the teachers are expected to reach unreasonable goals in their classrooms without support or question.


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