5 thoughts on “It’s time for DESE to stop terrorizing teachers!

  1. I support any candidate who will revoke ed reform and let us actually teach. Oh, and bonus points to the candidate that investigates and fires Mitchell Chester


  2. Mitchell Chester is not a Massachusetts Man. He is a $ Man. He has destroyed educational sanity in this state. Predatory Testing is OK with him.


  3. MTA members who keep voting for Democrats are like blind sheep. Just look at all the rights teachers have lost over the years. From the White House to the State House they have continue to strip your control from the classroom to the bargaining table.


  4. Um, MA is the last state that remains with any decent rights for teachers in urban districts. The GOP and EduInvestors have infiltrated everywhere and everyone…


  5. Since DESE insists teachers have no right to family time, no right to academic freedom, no integrity and should be valued for their “parts” they should start calling us Uncle Tom's teachers. If they can assign monetary/financial value to test scores, evals, and rank us according to sex, ethnicity, religion for the purpose of grant qualification, or who we know or whether the boss likes us, call us what we are…public slaves.


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