Please send an e-mail TODAY to let state education officials know you oppose the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s dangerous “performance-based licensure” proposal to link your state license to your school-based evaluation and/or student test scores. 

The MTA is strongly opposed to this plan and has sent a letter to Commissioner Mitchell Chester and the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education calling for them to rescind it immediately. If enacted, this plan would drive excellent current and prospective teachers out of our public schools. 

The “performance-based licensure” issue is currently in the policy “options” phase.“None of the above!” is our response to all of the options proposed. Let us gather our strength as a union and tell DESE to end the disrespect, stop wasting time and money, and reject this idea now. 

Act now to tell state education officials, “None of the above!” The sooner we kill this idea, the sooner we can focus on initiatives that will actually help our students succeed in school and in life.

Thank you,

3 thoughts on “Say no to DESE licensure plan.

  1. Good luck getting EVERYONE onboard to send a message. When you look at responses on this blog, it is No Comment after No Comment after No Comment.


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