The NBEA Board of Directors would like to thank everyone who helped make our Scholarship Fundraiser a great success.

We’d like to thank everyone who volunteered to wash cars: Isabel Andrade, Bruce Tench, Jackie Nelson-Eckhardt, Gilian Amaral, Michelle St John, Lou St John, Lori Silveira, Kayla St John, Kelly Pacheco, Karen Suprenant, Alexia Ferreira, Leo Choquette, Carolyn Houghton-Papas, City Councilor Henry Bousquet, Theresa Bousquet, Cathy Bruno, Carol Strupczewski, Bryan Hancock, Irene Vasques, Doria Bryant, Christine Adams, Marc Arena, Mark Ledoux, Kathy Mandly, Eddie Johnson, Tom Nickerson, Ian Abreu, Kristina Dahlene, Caroline Dewey, Janet Peitavino, David Rainone, Laura Garcia, Pam Francis and all the children who also volunteered to help.

Our thanks to Liz O’ Brien, Audrey Costa, and Natalie Faris for helping us to organize our event.

We would also like to thank our Faculty Representatives for distributing the tickets to the event and to everyone who made a donation or purchased tickets.

Also, our thanks to Walgreens on Acushnet Avenue and Walgreens on Kempton Street for allowing us to use their locations and donating the water we used, Nelson Hockert-Lotz – Dominos Pizza and Tony Squizzero – Dominos Pizza for donating pizza for our volunteers, Jim Stevens and Gifts to Give for their support, Wbsm’s Taylor Cormier and Tim Weisberg for making their listeners aware of our event and Michael Silvia and New Bedford Guide for publicizing our fundraiser before, during and after our event.

We would also like to thank City Councilor Henry Bousquet and City Councilor Linda Morad for appearing in a video produced by New Bedford Guide encouraging everyone to attend and contribute to the NBEA Scholarship Fund.

Last but not least, we’d like to thank Mayor Jon Mitchell, Dr. Durkin, and School Committee member Bruce Oliveira for their donations, attendance, and support of our cause.

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