Please consider supporting Gifts to Give.

Gifts to Give is waging a focused campaign against child poverty.
Almost 50% of American children live in poor or low income households. 


“For us, the solution is healthy families and public education. We’re building a caring community where we can easily share our gifts to ensure children are connected with what they need, and learn how to read. We seriously support local public schools through tangible and measurable service learning, early literacy and middle school mentoring programming. Poverty is wreaking havoc on healthy families and public education!”

3 thoughts on “Many charities waste your donated money. Please don’t let your charitable giving go to waste.

  1. I am sorry. I never saw his retraction after he spoke pretty freely about his support of the charter schools. I was an active donor but I have not given a dime nor a donation since his article.


  2. The people you're trying to attract should NOT be accountable to any measurable crap that you would like to offer. HOW DARE YOU make any volunteer, who makes NOTHING, be accountable to some one's stupid ass opinion of what should be accomplished. IT IS NO wonder why people will not come forward and apply.I thought I would at some time, but if my efforts are going to be “measured” then you just lost me.


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