17 thoughts on “Charlie Baker encourages principals to practice "creative non-compliance" with such things as union work rules

  1. Yeah, because teachers have been treated so well by the Democrats in charge. Who appointed Mitchell Chester as head of DESE? Who has allowed DESE to decide which union contracts to rip up and declare a school Level IV if they feel like it? I'm no fan of Baker but the Democrats haven't looked out for us at all either. At least Baker will force welfare recipients to get trained for a job instead of being career food stamp recipients.


  2. That would be nice, I'm getting tired of supporting everyone else. Welfare recipients should have job training and actually get a job. Free isn't free!


  3. But, wait, and i realize this isn't every case… I am now a retired teacher who put in 38 years. In my last years I met a loud, obnoxious, and intimidating person who said she was a classroom aide. She had 4 children on the dole at my school. When she decided to move to Florida, she chose to sell all of her property, including beds, couches, TV's, kitchen items, and what not. When I asked her what she and her children would do once they reached their destination she said for all to hear……….I”M Getting ALL NEW!!!!! AAALLLLL NEWWW! Really, America? How the hell does this happen?


  4. Mcas scores went up in New Bedford thanks to the TEACHER'S and the students hard work despite all cuts, intimidation, lack of support and resources. Bravo TEACHERS-you are the ones who work the 12 hour days, you are the ones who care for your students! I am a parent and I give NO credit Durkin or her over paid cronies at County Street! BRAVO TEACHERS!!!!


  5. Don't buy into the typical MTA political rhetoric, that the Democratic Party will be in your corner. I have been a teacher in NBPS for 36 years and I have watched the Democrats decimate our union rights for the past 15 years. We continue to loose more and more bargaining rights. Look at what they have done to our profession both on the state and federal level. Test, test, test!!! For the first time in many years I will be voting for Republican governor,


  6. We need a voice, we need parents who will say enough is enough! How can we possibly help our children when we test day after day ? We have been dictated to at every turn, we MUST teach as they say and do as they say, where is our voice! I feel the very union we are fighting to keep is also letting us down.


  7. If you feel that Nbea is letting you down you need to get your head out of the sand. When i needed help Lou was there for me. I was fired for something I didn't do and he was by side every step of the way. He saved my job and my livelihood. I can't think of any union president who has fought so hard for teachers. I'm sure there are many others out there with similar situations. It's time to show our gratitude and not criticize our union.


  8. This isn't a website…it is a BLOG! If you think our public schools are being underfunded, over-tested, and destroyed by the Democrats you are delusional. Have you ever researched how it got to this point so quickly? If you think Charlie Baker has any interest in strengthening public schools when there's a profit to be made doing just the opposite—your critical thinking skills are weak. When people focus on those “lucky” welfare folks, they don't direct their jealousy/anger in the right place. It's a total distraction that works. Pay attention to who the real parasites are…you won't find most of them living in public housing.


  9. Where has all the “extra” money gone that was suppose to benefit the students? Speech has been cut,special needs, Spanish speaking children , huge classrooms with no paras, lack of resources…oh yes, it all went to administration!! That's right…Durkin's cronies have huge paychecks and what in the hell do they accomplish?


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