18 thoughts on “Our thanks to the New Bedford City Council for their support

  1. I wish I could have been at the city council meeting that evening, but out of a desire for privacy, I stayed home…I did thank Mr. Gomes, and I would like to personally thank all of the City Council members for their support. This violence against teachers has got to stop before someone is seriously injured or killed!


  2. Watch the City Council meeting for April 10 and that will answer the question above about Dana. You can view it on your computer by going to the Cable Access Channel's website. Dana said she talked to Marlene Pollock and that there was an investigation. Guess Dana did not read the letter that everyone else read or she just listens to what Pollock has to say!!!!


  3. I did not appreciate the way the Pollack shut Josh down. I don't trust that fish who thinks she is a queen bee. Marlene, you are delusional.


  4. Pollack and her boy Livermento make me sick! Wouldn't last a day in a classroom. Hey Marlene … You are NOT an educator!!!!! Can't stand looking at her smug face!


  5. Pollack truly believes she is the white savior in education. She does not think the rest of us have the intelligence to recognize and combat white privilege in this district. She has been a negative influence in every area of public education K-12. Her only “victory” was spearheading the Renaissance School for the Arts. How nice. She made sure a small number of students will get what every student deserves.


  6. Just curious, but doesn't funding the Renaissance tap into our budget? If so, isn't that a contradiction to Pollack's role as a SC member? Where do her priorities lie? Something is very wrong here. It smells fishy. Can't we joust her off her high horse? Can't wait until she's gone. Marlene Pollack is bad blood. She has SNEAK written on her forehead.


  7. As an outside observer- why did NBHS get the whole overhaul? Hayden-Mcfadden has been level 4 for almost three years now?


  8. RE: Hayden-Mcfadden, the status, or there lack of, is a strategic move. It is a numbers game and a lot of money is at stake. This is what you can get away with if you play ball with the commissioner of ed. It is known as dirty politics. We are not supposed to know this, but we do. Mayor, SC, Pia, Mitchell Chester are in like Flynn. A get-rich quick scheme? Motivated by personal gain? Yes, and yes!


  9. And give Mitchell a job in a sweat shop overseas binding anthologies for our students. He needs to learn how to make money the old-fashioned way; laborious and honestly!


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