65 thoughts on “Thank you Councilor Gomes

  1. Newborn baby found dead on County Street, New Bedford. Could it be a teen pregnancy? Mr. Mayor, how will you address this issue? Will you play it down as you have with the crime rate in your city? It all stems back to quality education and accessibility. We've noticed a spike in crime, so you can't fool us.


  2. Why do I think that somehow teachers will be blamed for finding the remains of that poor baby. Wonder what teachers should have done differently to prevent this? How could we have “de-escalated” this issue?


  3. Teachers value all students, but many students are spooked by the uncertainties caused by the superintendent. They are dropping out like flies, or enrolling elsewhere. Can you blame them? Too much uncertainty and disruption in consistency. I'd be scared, too!


  4. I feel confident that a petite female will be more effective than Kulak. However, she must be feeling far less excited about her new job. A Whaler cheer will never end fear. With the lowest population at NBHS in decades–what excuse will Pia use?


  5. Much of this is a pia power-play. Long after she is gone, her admin hires will still be here. Many have shady pasts and have been dismissed for improper conduct from other districts. This is her way of reminding us of a turbulent era and a way to leave a piece of her behind long after the damage is done. I really do not think this woman is dealing with a full deck and it sickens me that Mitchell has given her this much power. I also have to question the practice of hiring top-level administrators who were involved in criminal investigations, escorted out of other districts for gross misconduct, all of which were public record before joining NBPS. These choices place our teachers and students in danger. No parent wants to hear that their children are enrolled in a district where crimes are covered up, background checks are not common practice, and regardless of one's past, they are welcomed here. Would you hand over a child to a convicted molester? That is who the mayor and school committee are forcing us to entrust our children to. I am removing my three children from this particular district and encouraging my family and friends to do the same. It is just not a safe place to learn or a healthy environment. My trust is broken and I feel deceived.


  6. During one of the mayor's speeches, the camera caught some of the audience members playing with their phones, yawning and looking bored to death, and rolling their eyes at his empty words.


  7. Watched the Council meeting the other night, everyone make sure you watch it. Thank you Councilor Gomes for making this motion and the rest of the councilors for sponsoring it. Once again we (teachers) can count on the support from most of our Councilors. What is a shame, as a few of the Councilors mentioned, is that the members of the School Committee have lost their voices and have done nothing to curb what is going on in our schools. The so-called “Education Mayor” Mitchell is doing nothing but destroying the district and making us the laughing stock of the Commonwealth. Great job Jon–please do us all a favor and don't seek office in 2015.Our Councilors get it that all this violence has to end and that discipline must be restored. Thank you members of the City Council.


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