Hello Louis,

My wife and I are supporters of New Bedford teachers. We have faced similar times in Providence and we want to offer our support to your members.

Since my wife is originally from New Bedford we’ve been paying attention to what is happening to NBPS. We are aware of the newspaper’s unfortunate position on the “turnaround” proposal.

To show our support for NBEA members, my wife and I are will be entering an online “pet selfie” contest with our pit bull with a sign saying, “I support New Bedford Teachers!” The voting went live today and will run through March 25th. The Standard Times will print the winning photo in the paper.

If we win, we will donate the value of the award to the NBEA Scholarship Fund.

In Solidarity,

Alex Lucini

22 thoughts on “Chance supports New Bedford teachers.

  1. In this district, respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, and loyalty is returned. We won't settle for anything less! You get what you give. NBPS is a sorry state of affairs and the stigma will have lasting consequences. Pia will not be remembered in a positive light. She is a tool for the wimpy mayor and his SC cronies. And, if Durkin thinks she will be surrounded by loyal employees after she cleans house, she is sadly mistaken. They played along to protect their jobs. We're not the only ones who have to sleep with one eye open.


  2. Mitchell will probably can her after she does his dirty work. Public sentiment is also at an all-time low. She is infamous throughout the state and beyond…


  3. Our superintendent should feel insecure and unrest in her position. She is doing it to us on a daily basis. Mitchell, too!


  4. Teachers should not be working under these conditions! It is not healthy. Why is this still going on while bystanders sit idly by? Stand strong NB (Lou, too). Your determination will set a precedence. You will score that victory. Our students are counting on you!


  5. Why hasn't the news of the Parker staff made the illustrious news outlets yet? ALL of the staff have been fired and will need to reapply…and if they get their jobs back, they may only start at first step pay. What is going on in our district?!


  6. Guess the S-T will have to read this blog in order to get the story about Parker. If that is true about the returning staff going back to the first step pay, all I can say is WOW. Will the same apply to the high school teachers?


  7. The Sub-Standard times finally released the article online about Parker…from what I've heard the Supt. was about as nice as she was when she told the NBHS teacher's about their fate before the holidays.It'll be interesting to see what “outsiders” are named to the administrative posts during Monday's School Committee meeting…


  8. My crystal ball says that they come to us from Boston and they all suddenly have developed a fire in their belly for my school system.


  9. What is happening at Parker will be happening at all schools soon and everyone will be going back to step one.”………………….They will really be able to balance their budgets then..Welcome to the future of education………


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